50th Cumberland Gang Show 2019




It's our birthday!

Since 1969, our show has given thousands of young Scouts and Girl Guides the opportunity to perform on stage and provide wonderful entertainment to our audiences.

Join us in celebrating our history as we recognise the contributions of those who made our show what it is today.

Whole Gang 50th Scarf Presentation

Saturday 13th April 2019
7pm to 10pm

Crestwood High School
Baulkham Hills

Whole Gang 50th Scarf Presentation

Each member of the 2019 Gang will receive a 50th scarlet scarf featuring a touch of gold.

Rob will present them to the whole Gang at a special ceremony on Saturday 13th April 2019.

An invitation to this special event will be sent to all registered Gang members early 2019.

Magical Mystery Tour & Birthday Picnic

Sunday 19th May 2019

Magical Mystery Tour & Birthday Picnic

Gang Show families will be invited to test their navigation and detective skills in an amazing race style event that will be fun for all ages.

This will be followed by a birthday picnic for past and present Gang members, and their families.

Registrations for this event will open early 2019.

50th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Sunday 9th June 2019
5.30pm to 10.30pm

The Grand Ballroom
The Epping Club

50th Anniversary Gala Dinner

We have a great evening planned with plenty of food, fun and laughter.

Come along, reminisce with your friends and celebrate our 50th anniversary in style.

Tickets to this event will be on sale in March 2019 for guests 16 years and over.


The Committee

Our mission is to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Cumberland Gang Show in a way that is inclusive for all Gang members; past and present. In doing so, we aim to promote the show to our audiences, the public and Gang members while recognising and celebrating the milestone of our organisation successfully entertaining crowds and training youth members for 50 years.

The following is a brief outline of the projects/tasks that our committee are responsible for.

Meagan Thompson
Project Manager
50th Anniversary Committee


Coordinator: Meagan Thompson

The committee has undertaken the following initiatives to raise money to put towards our 50th Anniversary projects and to subsidise costs for our 50th Anniversary events. Fundraisers have included:


Trivia Fundraiser Night - 3rd November 2018
Click here to download flyer
Click here to register by 19th October 2018.


  • Bunnings BBQ - 13th January 2018
  • Black, Red & Gold Mufti-Night
  • Bunnings BBQ - 29th July 2018
  • Entertainment Book Fundraiser

If you have any fundraising opportunities or know someone that would like to make a donation for our 50th Anniversary events, please contact us using the form below.

Merchandise & Souvenirs

Coordinator: Anne Thompson

To celebrate our 50th anniversary, we have produced some exciting new show merchandise with our 50th logo designed by Matt Thompson. Check them out...

Order yours today - go to shop.gangshow.asn.au. Orders close Sunday 13th January for delivery by first rehearsal, Saturday 9th March 2019.

More special souvenirs for our 50th anniversary will be announced in 2019.


Coordinators: Rebecca Shaw & David Shaw

The Events team are coordinating the 3 main events during the rehearsal season of the 50th Anniversary show. More info on these events is available above.

Our commemorative events have been designed to bring the whole Gang together. Whilst each individual event might be targeted towards a slightly different group, where possible the events are open to one and all. Great consideration of the timing of each event was carried out in order to ensure minimal disruption to the rehearsal season and performance season for our cast and crew.

Digital Archives

Coordinator: Matt Thompson

Our show produces a lot of archivable material that should be centrally stored for future access/reference. These materials are generally stored by a number of different people in various formats and locations, or not at all. The aim of this project is to make it easy for all archivable items to be stored at the conclusion of each show in one central, online digital archive.

The team has been busy collating, scanning and storing as much of our show's 50 year history as possible, from audio/video recordings to scripts, souvenir programmes, newspaper clippings and photos, plus much more. We have even been able to digitise some rare video recordings of the show from the 1970's.

We look forward to sharing the result of our work with you in 2019.

50th Commemorative Book

Coordinator: Jeanie Wood

It is important that we document the history of our show for future generations to come. This is so they may learn about our ‘humble beginnings’ and understand our journey to date.

The project team will utilise the excellent work started for our 40th Anniversary by the Cumberland Gang Show Scout Fellowship. It will conduct further research, write, design and produce a professionally printed commemorative book that summarises the history of our show.

The team have been busy on this project for the last 2 years and are looking forward to sharing their work with you in 2019.

I would also like to acknowledge the following committee members for their contributions:

  • Matt Thompson - Communications, Graphic & Web Design
  • Karina Wardle - Marketing
  • Paul Thompson - Finance


6 Dec 2018

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Q: Will there be a special 50th 'Gold' Anniversary Scarf?

YES! We have worked with our scarf manufacturing team to design a special 50th Anniversary Scarf that features a gold edge, similar to what we did in 1994 with the 25th Anniversary Scarf. This special scarf will be presented to all Gang members (cast and registered crew) at a Whole Gang 50th Scarf Presentation on Saturday 13th April 2019. This scarf is intended to be worn for the 2019 show only.

Q: I am due to receive a ‘milestone' scarf (10, 20, 30, 40 years etc.) in 2019? Will that be on the 50th Anniversary scarf?

No. As the 50th Anniversary Scarf is meant to be worn for the 50th season only in 2019, milestone scarves will be presented on the plain scarlet scarf, allowing Gang members to continue wearing them into the future. Milestone scarves will be presented on Red Scarf night, NOT at the Whole Gang 50th Scarf Presentation.

Q: I heard there’s going to be another opportunity for ex-cast to perform on stage?

Yes, the Production Team have just announced they will be auditioning any interested current or past Gang members (including cast AND backstage supporters!) to join the Legends Cast. More information is available on the Gang Show website at https://gangshow.asn.au/2019/legends-cast.

Q: Are there going to be any reunion type events for past cast and backstage supporters throughout the season?

Most definitely YES! There will be two special reunion events where we will invite current and past Gang members to join us to celebrate our 50th birthday.

The first event will be a Magical Mystery Tour & Birthday Picnic on Sunday 19th May 2019. Gang Show families will be invited to test their navigation and detective skills in an amazing race style event that will be fun for all ages. This will be followed by a birthday picnic for past and present Gang members, and their families in the Parramatta area. Registrations for this event will open early 2019.

The second event will be our 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner, a more formal celebration that will be held on Sunday 9th June, 2019 (June Long weekend) at The Epping Club, to which current and past Gang members (16+ years) will be invited. Tickets to attend this event will go on sale in March 2019.

We look forward to seeing you and your families at one or both of these events.


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